Rich Manley – Passionate explorer of action/adventure and thoughtful about assisting indigenous communities.

A Man With Perfection And With Extra Ordinary Talent- Rich Manley

Five Things That You Don’t Know About Rich Manley

1) In preschool, Rich Manley was very shy. When his mother would drop him off at school, he would hide under the slide in the playground and wait for his mother to return. He enjoyed creating, writing, and art, even at a young age. – CONTINUE READING

Rich Manley – Passion For Learning at an Early Age.

Indulging in numerous activities at an early age, Rich also had an interest in rock climbing, scuba diving, sky diving, and many more adventures.
Rich Manley is a prominent movie actor and traveler who was born on June 16, 1986, in Massachusetts. As a youngster, he was peaceful, imaginative, and wanted to indulge in several things. Rich engaged in magic at the age of 10 years and his interest started to develop when his grandfather displayed to him his first magic trick. In the early teenage years, Rich spent his time performing at occasions, bars, TV programs, and for the family. His affection for magic was as rigid as his enthusiasm for martial arts as he kept on creating new effects and sharpened his skills.- CONTINUE READING